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A contribution to remember.

By Matt Zailan

First, quick origin story. It all started from a car ride with a good friend of mine, who is also the member of the Play Naturally Committee. We were geeking out about filmmaking then he suddenly brought up about Play Naturally. After hearing his experiences he had, I was interested. The act of contribution and filmmaking? I’m sold!

Now I’m here, well, 40 minutes late. As I arrived fashionably late into the room, I witness a group of participants and few members of the committee forming a circle for the ice breaking session. So I walked towards them with feeling slightly guilty. Fortunately, few of the participants and the members of the committee were energetic and helpful. They kingly guide me caught on to the ice breaking session. The enthusiastic vibe of the group was contagious, I was hyped up! I quickly felt comfortable and at eased.

Through out the Introduction of Play Naturally that was inspiringly presented by the co-founder of this committee, I felt purposeful. She explained how filmmaking is able to contribute the conservation of the environment and Dusun culture that lies in Tasek Merimbun which can act as a preservation of the tradition and message. This meaningful experiment was not only to preserve but also, the way I see it, is to create impact through generations to come. Ambitious? Yes it is, but that ambitious initiative was the most attractive part of this organization. As for me, being part of something bigger than myself, it is an honor. Knowing my efforts of my own beliefs is contributed back to society. It adds up life and meaning to my own personal growth. A great platform to fulfill my “Checklist of Life”.

It is great that the committee made an important point in terms of mindset on how should we approach to working as a whole. A good reminder for all us to achieve this project together successfully.

I had a wonderful time mingling around with the participants and the members of the committee. It was a great pleasure to meet the participants, hearing their stories and goals was truly wholesome. Finally, I get to geeked out about filmmaking with other movie goers! After getting to know most of the participants and the committee, I am very excited to work with them.

I’m very much content with the opening ceremony. Well done and thank you to the members of Play Naturally for this wonderful opportunity. This is the first step of our journey and I’m looking forward work together as a family to this growth!

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