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By: Hazirah Hassani

On the real, filmmaking is Hard. With a capital H! It's hard to be out in the scorching sun, waiting for that one good take. It's hard to wait for people, be patient with them while your head is scrambling to think for the next move. It's hard to think of contingencies because sometimes, somehow there's a lingering thought of the worst case scenario.

It's hard to break the news to cancel shoots because now there's space to disappoint more people. It's hard to wait for the weather to be nice to you. It's hard to keep your head above water, especially when you can't swim and you're surrounded by crocodiles bare teeth and ready to eat. But you'll make it. I did. We did. Because what really make or break you here is you. To be very real, this filmmaking experience has been the most overwhelming, anxiety-ridden, crazy, magical thing I've had the pleasure to go through. I won't take it any other way. Not with anyone else as well. Thank you PN.

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