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Great minds create great things

By Fatini Sahrin

It was the second filmmaking workshop that day (13/9/2020), but I missed the first one which was on the previous day. On this workshop, we got the chance to work closely with the successful Lailatul Shazanas Studio.

Started off the day by seeing a “labi-labi” (shoftshell turtle) for the first time at ketua kampung house at Kampung Kuala Ungar, as he has promised to show us how a real labi-labi looks like when he was telling the story about Tasek Merimbun and Pulau Labi-labi back during our second workshop (Introduction to Tasek Merimbun). The labi-labi turned out to be bigger than what I have imagine, and guess what? The labi-labi is about 10 years old now!

After seeing the labi-labi, we were invited to have some refreshments prepared by the Ketua Kampung’s family. It was such a warm welcome. After that, the Lailatul Shazanas crew had some sharing session. They shared a lot of useful tips and guides on how to make a great film. They even shared their motto “consistency, commitment and self-discipline” that keeps them going and make them able to produce their amazing creations. Their motto gave such an impact to me and it motivates me want to work even harder and not to give up in this filmmaking. Before leaving ketua kampong’s house, of course, we didn’t miss to take a group photo along with his family as a memory for our visit.

Around noon, we went to Tasek Merimbun and had our lunch there. While strolling around the lake area, a member from each team were chosen as representatives to do an interview about our short film progression. It was then continued with a brainstorming session within each team which then followed by a discussion with Lailatul Shazanas on how we would like our upcoming short film to look like. At the end of the session, we were asked to share our idea to the other team. Each team has so many authentic, creative and amazing ideas.

I personally enjoyed this workshop so far as I got to learn so much about the film industry in just one day because I have been wanted to be in this industry since so long and to work with all these talented people is such a pleasure to me. I really can’t wait to see how our short films will turn out into!

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