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Growing up with nature

By Khairul Ariffin

Hello guys! It's yo boy, Ari. The first time I saw the poster about this project, I thought that it would be a good idea for me as I grew up in Tasek Merimbun and being half dusun to join and expand my experience more by performing on different types of stage.

I want to be like one of those K-pop idols, performing onstage entertaining people and goals but meh silly me. I wanna thank the people who inspire me to perform and keep on doing what I like. One day, if I get to be famous I'd want to do any type of charity job, helping people in need and stuff.
During the first day of incubation, I met so many people with different backgrounds with their own gifted talents. I really love making friends!! Getting to know everyone in the production made me so happy.
Transitioning from performing mostly indoors to outdoors is a new thing for me. Conservation theatre is a combination of words that I would never think they'd come together just fine. I want to thank Jazie and Adilah for making this production happen, much love for them.
Come show your support and watch us at Tasek Merimbun this end of June! Signing out xx

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