First and foremost, greetings and Selamat Hari Raya (Happy Eid Mubarak)!

My first encounter with Play Naturally started with a “Ping”. Ping: the notification sound from
my Instagram. My friend had shared a post with me. Oh goodie. How exciting! Was it another
meme post? Nope. It was a post from Play Naturally which focuses on conservation theatre.
Certainly my curiosity was aroused and decided to partake.

Being part of this has been a rich learning experience as we started from zero. We didn’t even
have a script to begin with but we have an idea in mind that it has to be related to the history
of Tasek Merimbun and the Dusun tribe. This sprout was the essence of the whole play and
from there onwards, that sprout continued to grow. Regardless of different backgrounds and
personalities, everyone is collaborating and learning from one another.

Fast forward to today, everyone has been working their butts off and are committed to doing
their best! So be prepared to be blown away because Play Naturally is ready to rumble.

In order to stay updated, be sure to turn on post notification for Play Naturally on Instagram.
Tada! You will be receiving the Ping from Play Naturally’s Instagram (for every post).

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