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Play Naturally from Scratch

By Fairuz Nylea

Hi! I’m Fairuz and I am in the Costume Department of Play Naturally!

I’ve been a part of the costume department in two shows so far, and the experiences gave me
confidence to join Play Naturally, thinking that it will be similar in a way that I manage the
costumes and take care of them and assist the casts. But boy was I wrong!
Everything is new with Play Naturally. Two years worth of experience is almost not enough for
this. We are starting everything from scratch; no plot, not even the title, and clearly, no
costumes! I was used to assisting coaches in taking care of and managing the costumes, but
never actually directing and creating them. So hearing this for the first time made my jaw drop
and mind blank.


I remember thinking, “this is a lot of pressure.” Especially when I am surrounded by people with
greater prior experience in theatre.

However, this past month of occasional meetings and discussion has lifted me off most of my
burdens, because we are in this together . This is as new to them as it is to me, and we will
definitely create something that focuses on both conservation and theatre, together.
Because that is what Play Naturally is about. It is an experiment, the first of its kind in Brunei; it’s
conservational theatre. And one of the things I love about Play Naturally is the fact that we are
currently working on its prototype, something that is mainly ‘trial-and-error’, and what that means
is that we will thrive on success, but even more so on failure! That means perseverance and
determination and dedication.

Currently we are making the first play from Play Naturally, and while the future is uncertain, one
thing’s for sure; this is the first of many. We will fail, and we will succeed, but we will also create
something that will resonate with the audience and public, and create something long-lasting.
So here we are with a large blank canvas, a paintbrush each in our hands, and one true
purpose in mind, ready to bring to life a creation of culture, of history and legends, and of our
heritage, from each and every one of our own interpretations, in order to protect and conserve
the Dusun culture and our Tasek Merimbun heritage.

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