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By: Hana KJN

This week was quite overwhelming for all of us. With the second draft of script due coming up real soon, each one of us felt pressured to get everything done perfectly. Despite some clashing ideas and hesitating on whether this idea is good enough or is there any better ways to do it, we managed to come into terms for what we have and work on with that. We held a meeting on Tuesday night in our mentor’s office, brainstorming on how to make the script flow smoothly and eliminate what is not necessary.

Oh thank the lord, after that session, we know how to improve the script. Then, we held another meeting at a cafe on Thursday night, ransacking whatever we had left in our brain and energy into solidifying our script and suffice to say, Act 1 is now tight! The script writers decided to have a script writing session together at a cafe the next day, though. Followed by recce sessions on both Saturday and Sunday.

I really hope they are getting enough rest. All in all, I am grateful for my teammates. All of them are working really hard to make the film a great one. Can’t help but say I’m looking forward to the outcome! <3

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