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Reigniting The Inspiration

By Aleek Zamhor

(cue dramatic music, and lights adjusted to give ambience)

2017, I lost…

Lost my voice, my self-esteem;

Empty promises leading to be unworthy of the stage;

One weight was heavier than the other;


It’s fine, I guess? Just fall back, and join the norm.

2018, I felt missing...

Missing the thrill, the dynamic between co-actors;

However, I have found my safe zone, and I don’t want to go back;

I am a performer inside the cubicle, singing to melodies of fax machines;


… it’s fine lah, it’s better to be safe than sorry

2019, I am not okay…

I am a master two-faces, both socks and buskin;

Emotionally scarred, mentally drained;

Restricted of what my heart truly desires;

And my mind has relapsed with rational ideas until I have found the answer;

“Our vision: to INSPIRE”

(dramatic music fadest , the light dims)

Hi, I am Aleek and I love monologues! I have fallen in love with the beauty of monologues when I first saw my first theatre show. A monologue is a speech of a single character that usually express their feelings or mental thoughts aloud. Thus, one thing that pushes me past my insecurities and cycle of negative thoughts is: to INSPIRE. A platform that provides a unique concept of theatre, i.e. conversation theatre, and inspires people to make changes for a better future. I was sold on the idea, especially since it goes back in giving back to our country and also nature.

Now it has already been 22 days, 528 hours or 31,680 minutes (and counting) from our first incubation. Things have been going smooth since day 1, rehearsals have been fun, getting to know more with talented casts and seeing the progress of the production. Every session has always been a learning experience for me especially, whether it’s about Tasek Merimbun, theatre production or even just reflecting on each others’ stories. It felt surreal to be sharing this moment with wonderful humans, that I am proud to call my friends.

We are 36 days, 864 hours or 51,840 minutes (and less) away to our show. Honestly, it is nerve-wracking, yet it is exciting. Can we pull this off? Can we make an impact and inspire other people? We can prepare so much, yet life has to take its’ course. However, failure or success, we are united as a team. Even if we can only manage to inspire ONLY 1 individual, it is already a start of change. All and all, “ah Kuching?” (inside jokes between cast).

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