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Something is Brewing In The Lab!

By Hilmi Sanif

About 5 weeks left before the play, and I am feeling excited yet nervous at the same time!

So what are we doing exactly? A lot of people has been asking me the same question for the past weeks; “Hilmi, what’s the Tasek Merimbun thingy that you’re doing?”, I simply just answered “it’s a play, we are doing a conservation theater”. Most of them have no idea what a conservation theater is, and so was I before this.

Personally, performing is what I love to do the most and I will not stop looking for opportunities to perform. When I saw the post about Play Naturally, I was really excited to take part in it. But what made me really intrigued was the idea of performing outdoor and the fact that we are going to implement the aspects of environment and conservation in it. I am very fond of adventures. I did not know what to expect because all of these are new to me, but I am ready for what is yet to come throughout this journey that I just started.

We started with zero. Just imagine an empty lab, no apparatus, no scientists, nothing at all. We had no idea on what we are going to present to the audience, no scripts, pretty much zero knowledge about the history of Tasek Merimbun and the Dusun’s folklores. Though we do have our aims and objectives on what we are planning to achieve in the end. After weeks went by, workshops have been conducted to help us prepare, meetings has been made, and ideas have been brainstormed. We finally came up with a strong production team and a script that is ready to be performed on the stage, well in this case to be performed at the Tasek Merimbun area itself.

So yes, we are about 5 weeks away from executing this very first project of ours. So far, I really enjoy every bits of this journey! Rehearsal has always been fun, and the participants have taught me a lot. They are all very talented indeed, I am really thankful and honored to get to work with each of them. I am also more aware of the environmental issues of the Tasek Merimbun and its heritage. I really cannot wait to present this new experiment that has been brewing in the lab, hoping it will help raise awareness about the earth in general, and open the eyes of the audience to help them see what they have been missing out and not aware of all this time.

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