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Story Beats

By Azimah Aisyah

For our scriptwriting process, our mentor introduced us to the concept of 'Beat' for writing stories. Using this method helps us to write down the plot line easily and to ensure that our storyline doesn't end up in disarray. It's also used to make big changes so that the movie narrative doesn't seem dull or monotonous.

At first our draft went through various rewrites, there's constant changing of ideas and we also have to reconsider the film budget as well as other incentives.

Days after days, the initial ideas for the movie changed completely. Each member contributed ideas which can be hard since we need to avoid being in a mishmash or confusing storyline. Overall, as long as everyone is on board with how the story flows it will make the filmmaking process easier and easy to follow.

Learning how to construct story and story beat will definitely help me in the future writing process and I am forever grateful to our mentor for introducing this concept.

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