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Tasek Merimbun and its beauty all round

By Ryan Elicay

I'll be frank with you, prior to Play Naturally – I had never once step foot onto the grounds of Tasek Merimbun – and boy oh boy was that a mistake. Upon reaching Tasek Merimbun that first day of incubation, I was simply taken aback in awe of the wonders of nature. It was simply a moment of just basking in the ambience, looking around and speaking to some of the locals who were enjoying their fishing.

When we took a walk towards Balai Purun through the little trail, it felt like a path leading towards an ancient historical somewhat mansion like structure – and the feels of Balai Purun had a mixture of an eerie yet calming vibe. I don’t know how those 2 would intertwine but being in a magical different realm. Going through the workshops at Balai Raya simply drove me to understand the dire need to preserve the Dusun culture; especially when hearing it from the locals who love Tasek Merimbun – and I truly hope we get to do just that through Play Naturally.

Attached with this blog entry comes my favourite picture that I took whilst being at Tasek Merimbun, which is kind of a representation of the eerie yet calming feeling I mentioned above.

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