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Tasek Merimbun & Dusun Culture

By Reynold Chang

Had no idea what to expect on that day but I was particularly excited to learn more about Dusun culture and language. I have always had an interest in learning how the indegenous survive before the days of civilization and how they’ve preserved their culture till today. Arrived Tasek Merimbun that morning half-hour early, got to enjoy the light breeze and took an opportunity to speak to the locals there when they were fishing.

We got to meet with MPK Dusun and Ketua Kampong, they shared about how they got their name as “Puak Dusun”, Old Dusun folktales & legends and also what the place was like in the olden days. After having them we had Dr. Yabit from UBD teaches us how Dusun was a small part of Austronesian, which means that the Dusun language and the rest of the Austronesian have similar enunciation and pronunciation words in their language. He then told us about how Nunuk Ragang and Alai Gayoh came to be, how to differentiate between Dusun and Bisayu.

After all that, it was an interesting and informative day. I joined this programme with an empty mind and now I'm more excited than ever to learn more about Dusun’s history. Important takeaway from that day was what Dr. Yabit says before he ended his presentation.

“Each word has its history: please value your language” - Dr. Yabit

It reminded me of a video I watched which says something along the line of:

“Language is the foundation of hum​an culture…”

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