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What I think about Tasek Merimbun

by Jae

I missed out on the Incubation day, but I came on the 2nd day. I missed out on the opportunity to see the beauty of Tasek Merimbun and the surroundings, learn the Dusun culture and the Environmental issues that are going on in Tasek Merimbun. Tasek Merimbun is the largest natural lake in Brunei, it is one of the main local and tourist attraction that is located in the Tutong district. This large lake is surrounded by 78 square Kilometers Tasek Merimbun Heritage Park.

Now you're wondering why I mentioned this lake. We have to deliver a message about conservation issues in Tasek Merimbun that we, the participants have to tell the locals and tourists through a in the incubation days is where we collaborate our ideas in producing the play.

Incubation Days

On the first day, all of the participants learn about Tasek Merimbun, such as;



Tribes living in the area,

Folklores and Legends,

Conservation Issue,

On day 2, we had workshops that can help us to produce a play, such as:

Writing Scripts,

Validating History (Fictions or Facts),

Making a Play from History (Fictionalised Fact or Factualised Fiction),

Vocal Projection,

Acting Skills,

During the incubation period, I have met very intelligent and creative people. They gave a lot of contribution making this play to happen. Ideas after ideas, debates after debates, the participants are very committed, I never have been surrounded by these kinds of people, it is still new ground to me.

Very First Meeting

We were introduced to one of the officers, so that we can ask more questions about Tasek Merimbun, specifically the wildlife, such as the endangered species, poachers, extinct animals and messages to be delivered to the audience. We break our fast soon after, then we conduct a meeting on which role we are volunteering in for the play. So I chose to be an actor for this play.

Early Rehearsals

The Act 1 Script was already finished within less than a week, by May (the scriptwriter), Michelle and Bubba ( the directors). The script was made, according to what the Dusun people have told us and we interpreted in our own way but doesn't go off with the tales and legends told. Nani, Ari, and I are cast as the Dusun Family. Nani and I were having a hard time to build chemistry together because it was my first time talking with her. Then we got along at the end. Actually, some of the other casts too got along early because I wasn't there on the first incubation day and some of them are school friends. After a few weeks of getting along, Nani, Ari and I achieved the family mood that the director wanted and we mingled with the other casts. And finally, when the entire script was finished, we worked on it as soon as it was uploaded.

We still have a few more rehearsals to go, before the actual day but I can say, that you'll love the play when you come to Tasek Merimbun and watch it.

We went there again during Ramadhan to inform the officials there how we are doing and where are we at in the play. I can say that Tasek Merimbun is a really beautiful lake. It is very sad to know that few people go to or know about this place. Yes, it is a National Park Reserve but the location is deep inside Tutong, and the roads are not that welcoming hence it makes you think twice before going there. But once you get there, it is worth your time and effort.

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