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Why I will be single in the next 40 years?

By Jehan Wasli

As a proud romantic I am, I will start with a poem;

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Lakes are Wait is that someone's diaper????

Damn this lake is dirty

Here is the reason why I think I will be single for the next 40 years, what if because of the amount of pollution going on will affect the environment that will further affect our health and I will die in 40 years or my future soulmate (whoever you are driving in that Mercedes) dies in 40 years????
This is where we start to use this jelly thing in our heads called our BRAINS and keep our gears running.
Imagine this scenario;
You went to Hua Ho to buy toothpaste because your dentist suggested to brush your teeth twice. When you reached the counter the pretty cashier with a cute smile asked you, "Plastic?". Then you, too awestruck by his/her smile you just said "Yes!" without hesitation.
Now you leave Hua Ho with a big plastic bag just for one toothpaste and an extra 2.5 seconds spent with the cashier. Then, on the way home you double checked your toothpaste if you got the extra fluoride one and out of habit you just threw the plastic bag out of the car.
Where will that plastic bag go? Well you dont know because YOU DONT CARE. Fast forward 40 years later the plastic bag reached the sea and the last turtle on earth ate it thinking that it is a jellyfish the proceeded to choke to death.
Congratulations you have single handedly wiped the last of the entire population of turtles and now we have no turtles in the world! All for what? Whiter teeth and an extra 2.5 seconds with the cashier.
Well I might be exaggerating but, a little comes a long way. Instead of using the plastic bag, you could've just carried the toothpaste yourself or you can bring your own bag! That will for sure impress the cashier as well.
This is what we are doing, our Play Naturally team are working very hard to open your eyes in the green beauty of our country. We take pride on our trees and forests. We take pride on the drive of the people in keeping this country clean and alive. We take pride in being united.
So if you're thinking of using that one straw or that plastic bag, think of that one potential animal you can kill in the next 40 years. Because if I'm single in the next 40 years due to climate change, I will for sure come to you and give you A GOOD LESSON ON CONSERVATION.
Thank you,
Stay Hydrated x
P.S to my future soulmate driving that Mercedes can you hit me up sooner please I'm tired of waiting thank you.

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