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Why is this so important?

By Wazif Zamri


Okay now that I got your attention, I shall begin my somewhat unscripted, but hopefully structured (somehow? Because I’m doing this early in the morning and I haven’t washed my face) blog post.

So firstly, hello everyone!

I remember the day I was told about Play Naturally’s project, and my initial thoughts were “that does not make any sense”. Merging both theatre and conservation was not something that I’ve ever heard about, nor a few others, but for my love of theatre, I listened. And thank goodness I did. After getting called back for interviews, going through incubation at Tasek Merimbun and meeting the team, everything became clearer. Our project is to use theatre as a medium to convey the message of conservation. The world is dying and Brunei is not exempt from that. If we don't take any initiatives now, then we only have ourselves to blame if our days on this planet are limited.

As things got clearer, my drive for this project grows stronger. Not only do I feel my own determination grow, but I see it in the team too. I see it every time we talk about Play Naturally, every time we talk about Tasek Merimbun and it is more evident during our rehearsal sessions. Not one person feels any less about this project than the other, and I think that’s beautiful. That’s the reason why everyone has been working so hard and that’s also why I urge everyone to come to watch our play this upcoming July. Not only will you be supporting the local creative scene, but it will also act as a statement that there is a movement towards making our planet a better place to live, for both present and future, for both you and me.

Signing off with much anticipation,

Wazif Zamri.

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