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Workshop 3: Story Development

By Insan Mardini

There is a satisfying kind of sensation running through my veins whenever I see the whole team succeed in any particular task, be it one of any of the theatrical activities from the acting workshops, the various exercises from the guest speakers challenging our screenwriting know-hows, or the games we go through in the early mornings as part of our warm-ups. It’s that bond – that simple, beautiful, youthful, bond – we make along our film-making journey that relieves us from the pains of yesterdays; that brings us contentment and joy despite our daily battles outside of this incubation; that truly connects us as Bruneians with a vision to tell the unvoiced stories of our Dusun brothers and sisters.


More often than not, its in those brief moments when we share a banana bread or two in between workshop sessions, or in our collective laughter after a funny moment has passed, that I find the true treasure of Play Naturally is hidden: the golden glint of a wonderful friendship and camaraderie.

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