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    About our 2020 programme

    Why filmmaking?

    Apart from the public health concerns surrounding staging a theatre production, we also want to make sure that we are creating an end-product that is more permanent and widely accessible, especially since this project is sponsored by YSEALI Seeds for the Future and the US Mission to ASEAN and that means that we have access to a pan-ASEAN audience.

    Is the programme totally different now?

    Not at all -- the focus of all of Play Naturally's programmes, and the main motivation behind our existence is to encourage people to share stories from nature and from the Dusun community at Tasek Merimbun, in ways that everyone can relate to. Our main goal stays the same even as our medium of story-telling is changed (from theatre to filmmaking), and our programme will continue to focus on bringing our participants together with the Dusun community at TM to learn about culture, nature and conservation (as you can see in our syllabus, on our homepage!)

    So what's new about the programme?

    Apart from the fact that participants will be working together to create short films (~15min) rather than a play, what is new is that we have added workshops and mentorship opportunities with filmmaking industry leaders and experts, in order to better prepare our participants for the challenge of translating nature and culture into short films. Things to look out for include being able to work with local experienced filmmakers Abdul Zainidi, Azeez Danial and Aznniel Yunus along with established local production companies like Filterworks Production, Lailatul Shazana's Studio and Otter.co, and the opportunity to showcase your completed film at local and regional screenings. This is a great opportunity for any aspiring creative to learn about and gain connections to Brunei's film industry

    Do we get paid to participate in this?

    We are unable to provide anyone (ourselves included!) with a sustained salary due to grant and funding constraints, but a stipend will be provided to cover costs incurred for this project (food, fuel, equipment, set design, logistics, etc).

    How can I sign up?

    Click on the "APPLY" button on the header of the page!


    You can also check out our syllabus and find more information about the 2020 programme on our homepage.

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