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    Legend of Mpoyong

    The film is named after the chilling monster and Dusun legend, Mpoyong.


    This is how the story goes - once, there were six brothers and one sister who were hunting in the forest. With their blowpipes, they caught a snake which they then skinned, sliced and cooked over a fire. Having done this, the six brothers resumed hunting in the forest, while their sister was left to watch over the cooking snake.


    Just then, another snake - a friend of the one killed - appeared. By licking a leaf, and the two end-most sections of the cooked snake, it magically glued the cut sections of the snake together. Licking another leaf, the snake repeated this process until the cooked snake had been glued together wholly. Then, the snake ran its tongue over the cooked snake's entire body. With that, the cooked snake came back to life, and both snakes headed off together into the forest.


    When the brothers returned from their hunting, they demanded to know what had happened to the snake. Their sister, who had watched one snake bring the other back to life, told them what she witnessed. But her brothers would not believe her, so she made them stand back to back with each other.


    The sister then picked up the same leaf used by the snake and rubbed each of her brother with it. She pushed her brothers together so that they became stuck to each other, just like the body parts of the cooked snake. Her brothers found that they could not separate. They had become a monster straining to go in different directions.


    According to legend, the Mpoyong is never seen, but can be heard emitting cries of pain and dragging chains as they go.

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    Reynold Zhang

    Asst Director/Co-Producer

    Hana KJN

    Co-Producer/Asst Editor

    Goh Jia Huei

    Director of Photography/Editor

    Adam Hanif

    Art Director/Asst Director of Photography

    Azimah Aisyah

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